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Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails was a character property created by American Greetings Corporation (creators of Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and Popples among others) in the mid-1980s. The characters were licensed for a toyline by Mattel, and for a syndicated animated television series by DiC in 1987. However, only 20 episodes were produced in all

The Lady Lovely Locks toyline was created by Mattel and produced from 1987 to 1989. The toyline consists of character dolls that are approximately 8.5 inches tall, with certain dolls having long, colorful locks. Most dolls came with three to four Pixietails (small plastic squirrel-like animals with long silky tails). The Pixietails could be worn in the hair of either Lady Lovely Locks or the child. Additional items in the toyline were other pets and setting playsets.

The Lady Lovely Locks animated series began in 1987, concurrent with the release of the toyline. The premise of the series is that Lady Lovely Locks is the princess of the Kingdom of Lovelylocks. She and her friends are aided by the Pixietails in keeping the kingdom safe from its enemies. Among the hero characters of the show are Lady Lovely Locks, Maiden Fair Hair, Maiden Curly Crown, the Pixietails, Prince Strong Heart, Shining Glory, Silky Pup (a puppy), and Silky Mane (a pony). The main villains are Duchess Ravenwaves, Hairball and Comb Gnomes, the latter of whom tend to speak in rhyme. The series was produced by the French and Japanese animators of Rainbow Brite and Jem, among other cartoons of the '80s.
Hi-Tops released five Lady Lovely Locks videos in the '80s. More recently, the videos re-appeared on the market. They resurfaced as part of the DVD set "Girls Rule Vol. 1" which included the following cartoon series: Jem, Rainbow Brite and Lady Lovely Locks. Several of the episodes are also available on a DVD in the "Biggest DVD Ever" series for Lady Lovely Locks. Two episodes have never been collected except on the Australian VHS edition.
The series episodes are as follows:
  1. "To Save My Kingdom"
  2. "Cruel Pretender"
  3. "Vanished"
  4. "The Wishing Bone"
  5. "The Discovery"
  6. "The Lake of Reflections"
  7. "The Menace of Mirror Lake"
  8. "Blue Moon"
  9. "The Bundle"
  10. "In the Kingdom of Ice"
  11. "The Power and the Glory"
  12. "Prince's Broken Heart"
  13. "The Noble Deed"
  14. "The Doubt"
  15. "The Dragon Tree"
  16. "The Capture"
  17. "The Keeper"
  18. "The Rally"
  19. "Fire in the Sky"
  20. "To Take a Castle"

Main Characters


  • Lady Lovely Locks - the main protagonist. She wears a pink medieval dress and has blonde hair with streaks symbolizing her royalty in three colors: soft pink (dawn), gold (sun) and lavender (twilight). She is the defender of Kingdom Lovely Locks who is loyal, brave, kind, selfless, polite, optimistic, dependable and friendly, often like a princess.
  • Maiden FairHair - a good friend of Lady Lovely Locks who wears a blue dress and has her brunette hair done in waves. She is a serene and good-hearted natural beauty, party-planner and daydreamer, who would sometimes lose her sense of direction.
  • Maiden CurlyCrown - another friend of Lady Lovely Locks who wears a yellow dress and has her orange hair done in curls. She is a funny and imaginative girl who loves making up stories and styling her hair, but would sometimes get herself in trouble.
  • The Pixietails - tiny, magical creatures with bodies of cute animals and very long tails. They were delightful helpers of Lady and her friends. Each type has an association with the corresponding person; for instance, Lady's were bunny-like (and were the most prominent in the series), FairHair's were chipmunk/squirrel-like, and CurlyCrown's were bird-like.
  • Shining Glory - a blind, yet very wise and powerful wizard and beloved mentor to Lady and her friends.
  • SilkyMane - Lady's kind-hearted, trusty horse who always understands her thoughts and feelings.
  • SilkyPup - Lady's happy-go-lucky pet puppy who has a secret crush on the Prince.
  • The Prince - originally a human, but was turned into a dog as a result of a curse. He was taken in by Shining Glory. Plus, he acts like of a lifesaver, as he often saves Lady's life in her times of danger, but was never seen in his true appearance.


  • Duchess RavenWaves - the main antagonist. She wears a purple medieval dress and, like Maiden FairHair, her black hair done in waves. She is very mean, jealous, cruel, stubborn, careless, cold and conniving, often like a witch. The archemenmy of Lady lovely Locks, she always plots to take over the kingdom for herself, believing that cutting off a piece of her hair would succeed.
  • HairBall - helper of RavenWaves and former apprentice of Shining Glory. He specializes in magic, especially when it comes to making trouble.
  • Comb Gnomes - mean creatures with big ears and wild-looking hair and fur. They are henchmen of RavenWaves and are always mischievous.


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